Kellogg’s Mobile App

Kellogg's Mobile Application

A Mobile Application built for the Kellogg Brand

In my time as a designer I have worked on countless “conceptual exploration” projects. These projects usually require a good bit of initial thought and planning. This particular project was a thought exercise to help the Kellogg’s brand elevate their recipes and coupons offered. The objective was to help bring coupons from the print world over to the digital world to keep up with consumer wants and demands.

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Recipes And More

Application that helps in the kitchen

Part of the thinking exercise was to help produce an application that would help and even assist the consumer times with their cooking needs and the buying needs attached to that process. This was accomplished by providing a seamless UI and UX experience to the application, utilizing sliding menus to gain access to other actionable items in the application.

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Integrated data

Utilizing available data

When building the Kellogg’s application, it was always kept in scope that the application would utilize available data banks to populate the application with useable and current consumer deals the company was offering. In additional to presenting the consumer with these deals, it was imperative that it felt like a personal and unique experience. This was accomplished by personalizing individual messaging.

The User Experience

Building a good user Environment for the application

Typically in builds like this there is quite a process in order to get to the final product and design. In this particular case these assets were not available so it was left up to me to try and not only design the product, but help develop a good UIU/UX experience for the user end. This was a great exercise for me and I felt the final result ended up providing the user with a familiar and easy to use system.

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