Hollister Global Web Design

Hollister Global Web Design

A Global Web Redesign

When working for a Global Digital Advertising Agency called – iCrossing, I worked on a lot of website redesigns and other digital applications. One of those projects was a global redesign for a Hollister Inc. This might not be the Hollister you are thinking of that is known for its fashion gear. This company is somewhat in the fashion field, but focuses on colonoscopy bag products for much of the current medical enviorment.

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People First

Hollister's commitment to its patients.

Hollister produced colonoscopy bags for people all over the world. Being one of the largest producers in the world for this type of product the web  redesign was out to provide a place for hospitals and consumers to view the current and past product lines the company offered. The objective was to build a clean and intuitive site with optional connection portals when requested by a consumer or medical facility interested in the brand.

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Learning Center

An Educational area for customers

One of the requirements of the redesign was to build a section of the site that would be dedicated strictly to helping the consumers and patients first. This “Learning Center” as it was decide by the client, would be a place where people could come and watch instructional videos and read helpful guide to using the Hollister line of products. Additionally this area would provide an easy way for customers and medical facilities to contact the company.

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Presentation of Product Lines

Preparation with the future in mind.

This particular client wanted to offer a place for customers to be able to view the products that they offered as if it was a buying process of an E-Commerce website. The client didn’t actually sale products direct to the customer via its website. as it didn’t have the budget at the time to build a system for it. The solve was to build something to resemble an e-commerce so when the company was ready to turn that switch on, the design would cater to it already.

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