Chicago “City of Steel”

Chicago City of Steel

Art History Appropriation Poster

An event poster created for a Conceptual Thought class I took at The Art Institute of Art – Chicago. The event played well with the objective of the project to combine two separate art periods and appropriate them both in one poster design. I created two slightly different version to provide options as if presenting to a client in a real life scenario.

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The Project

Conceptual design combining two forms

While attending The Art Institute of Art – Chicago, I has a class that focused on conceptual thought and a little bit of art history thrown in the mix. In this particular project I was instructed to choose two art pieces and styles and appropriate and combine them in a mixed media kinda approach. The art styles that i choose were both a 1950′ hand lettering style, combined with the straight and geographic lines of Russian Constructivism.

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The Movements

All illustrations and lettering by me

Both art periods that I choose to appropriate were unique in their own way. I choose them as I felt that each ones uniqueness would compliment the others in a really cool way. The hand lettering from the 1930’s era combined with Russian Constructivism made for a tight but playful design in my opinion.

Feel free to download a copy for yourself.

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